What is Aegis?
Aegis is the in development title of Dusk Software's upcoming tower defense variant. Gameplay will focus on deck building between maps to prepare and setup which towers and effects are available in game. Cards are acquired through in game currency awarded at the end of maps as well as drops from boss creep.
When can I play Aegis?
The current schedule is for a working alpha to be running by the end of October. Dusk Software is participating in the Ludum Dare October Challenge 2011 and we really hope to be able to have completed the challenge! Please wish us luck. *** Update! We finished the Alpha in time for the compo, please check out the Game menu item to try your hand at the alpha ***
Does the world need another tower defense game?
We at Dusk Software feel that integrating card collecting and deck building into the tower defense genre will bring a whole new experience to people. Forcing players to make tough decisions about which towers to take, how to balance their decks, and collecting cards will make the game much more involving for the players and hopefully leaving them feeling more attached to the outcome rather than just 'another round' of TD.
Is there multiplayer?
Initially it will be single player only. If the single player version works out as we hope we are very much interested in making a multiplayer version of Aegis. Multiplayer would most likely be both a versus and co-op mode. Cards would be added that would not only hamper opponent players but also assist allies. Expanding your deck building opportunities to focus on single, co-op, and versus games.
What the heck is this icon?Aether
That is the Aether icon. It is the currency in Aegis. When you want to play cards, buy cards, etc... you use Aether. Here is a larger version of it.